Who We Are

Andy McWilliams
   Momentis President and CEO

Excerpt from Success From Home Magazine…

Andy McWilliams believes in network marketing. He knows that it's a viable career because it's all he has ever done. "I've never done anything in my adult life other than network marketing," he explains. Right out of college he joined a network marketing company that offered telecommunications services during the dawn of telecommunications deregulation. The timing was perfect. The company was going through a growth period. McWilliams built a giant team of representatives who explained the benefits and savings it could offer to consumers, even while they helped other entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. "I was getting paid while I was learning," he recalls. "At a time when I was young in my career, I got to be around some of the top network marketers in the industry. I also became friends with the company's executives and got to see the business side of the industry. It really influenced my career." McWilliams says that the experience showed him that the right network marketing company can change the path of families for generations to come, and it laid the groundwork for the Momentis experience. "Everything I've done–all the leaders who have come into my life, all the countries I've been in–have prepared me to lead the company at this crucial time," he says. "It taught me to appreciate the opportunity when it's here. I say every day that nobody is going to outwork me. The only way my family can benefit is if a lot of others come along for the ride."

We started with just a few people and built this company one representative and one customer at a time. We grew slowly at the beginning, but we set the foundation for greatness. We created the model for families helping families. We pay attention to the individual needs and 'whys' of our representatives. We want people to know that they are the most important part of our business."

Mike Adams
   Momentis, Senior Vice President

Excerpt from Success From Home Magazine…

Although he has lived and worked around the world, Mike Adams considers Canada his home. Born and raised in Toronto, he studied business at a local university before setting out for success. His first major career move led him to the network marketing industry, where he worked for six years before becoming disenchanted with that Company's failure to allow adequate growth potential and compensation for hard-working representatives. "Negatives aside, the company gave me tremendous global sight and working knowledge of the industry," Adams says. Stepping away from the industry, Adams oversaw projects for a video game publishing company for almost a decade. His work in this capacity, although rewarding, led him to endure a grueling commute back and forth between Canada and Austria, and the time spent away from his family took its toll. Just shy of his 10th anniversary with the publishing company, he was introduced to the Momentis opportunity, but was hesitant. "I was reluctant to get back into network marketing," Adams says. "But when I saw the compensation plan and the vision for the company, I decided to jump onboard before it even launched." his new role with Momentis as senior vice president is a perfect fit for Adams, and the timing could not be better. "I was not jumping into a company that already had a culture and processes and policies in place," Adams says. "I was able to create something from the beginning, and that is what attracted me most." Adams' experience in network marketing has taught him that paying attention to the many aspects of the business is important for companies in the industry to achieve success. "I need to be in the know and in the trenches with our corporate staff and our independent representatives," Adams says. "Whether it's as important as the details of a contract or as simple as the way an event looks and feels, my attention to detail is what I do best. I see what needs to be done, and I make sure it gets executed." Joining the Momentis executive team has benefited Adams in practical ways, like recently grounding him in Dallas, Texas with his family. The company's unique family-oriented culture is something that is important to Adams. "Everyone in this business understands that we have families, and that they are a priority," Adams says. "As we are all working hard at our individual goals, whether it be creating a top network marketing company or an individual business within Momentis, we have our families that we will always put at the forefront as a constant reminder of why we are doing this."