About Us

You can have a great product or service, a great business model and great marketing, but if you don't have experienced people running the business, it could be set up for failure. One of the true visionaries in the energy industry today is Just Energy Executive Chair Rebecca MacDonald. A true entrepreneur who built Just Energy from the ground up, Rebecca recognized she could help people achieve their dreams through opportunities in the energy sector. Coupled with Just Energy CEO Ken Hartwick, these industry experts represent one of the most progressive and dynamic teams in the energy sector and has guided Just Energy to the extraordinary heights the North American-based company is currently experiencing.

Now, with its foray into network marketing and its partnership with Momentis, Just Energy has appointed a veteran network marketer executive, Andrew McWilliams, as Momentis' President and Chief Executive Officer. Andrew agreed to partner with Just Energy and their entrepreneurial spirit to create one of the most dynamic and wide-reaching network marketing companies in North America and beyond.

The Just Energy and Momentis executive teams understand not only how to provide great products and service, but, more important, how to help people experience the advantages of working for themselves and benefiting from the multibillion dollar energy industry. These elements provide a proven but unique opportunity. There's never been a better time to build your own home-based business.

That is the Momentis difference!

Rebecca MacDonald
Just Energy Executive Chair

Ken Hartwick
Just Energy CEO