Income Overview

This is a simple business. You'll just do two things: Sign up new energy customers and build a team of people just like you who are doing the same thing. That's it. The Momentis compensation plan will reward you for doing these two things consistently.

You can earn income five ways with Momentis:

Momentum Immediate Bonus
Place immediate income into your pocket
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Mentor Bonus
Mentor others to do what you do
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MyTeam Bonus
Matching bonus payment from your Core Team
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MyLeadership Bonus
Designed to pay you as you build your team
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Monthly Recurring Income
Paid month after month …long after your initial efforts
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The more you do the more income you earn. As you build and grow your business and achieve new leadership levels, your compensation will grow more lucrative. And unlike a job, with determination and effort, you can give yourself a "raise" at any time. There are no limits to your financial success.