Frequently Asked Questions

How does the business work?

Our business model is based on relationship marketing. It rewards you for sharing Just Energy products with people you know, enrolling them as new energy customers, and building a team of people who do the same thing. It's similar to what millions of people do every day through social networking websites like Facebook, but with financial rewards.

In traditional business models, companies advertise to get customers. In our relationship marketing model, we pay people like you to find loyal customers rather than direct that money into advertising.

You don't need previous experience to be successful in this business. Our support system will give you everything you need to begin profiting right away. You can work your business around what you're already doing. Winning in this business comes from having a great attitude and duplicating a proven system. You'll connect with other like-minded Momentis entrepreneurs while you learn from your Sponsor and other leaders who have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

Can I make money with the Momentis Opportunity?

This is a simple business. You'll just do two things: Sign up new energy customers and build a team of people just like you who are doing the same thing. That's it. The Momentis compensation plan will reward you for doing these two things consistently.

You can earn income five ways with Momentis:

  • Momentum Immediate Bonuses
  • Mentor Bonuses
  • MyLeadership Bonuses
  • MyTeam Bonuses
  • Monthly Recurring Income

The more you do the more income you earn. As you build and grow your business and achieve new leadership levels, your compensation will grow more lucrative. And unlike a regular job, with determination and effort, you can give yourself a "raise" at any time. There are no limits to your financial success.

What does it cost to start?

The great thing about our network marketing model is that you can create monthly recurring income with a small cash investment to start up. With Momentis, launch your business for just $299. Unlike traditional business start-ups, you have low overhead and can operate your business on a part-time basis until you generate enough cash-flow to transition to full time.

How do I become an Independent Marketing Representative?

All Independent Marketing Representatives join Momentis through a sponsor, someone who has a vested interest in their success. The person who shared this website with you can help you get started today. Or, contact our Representative Services Team at 905-795-4224 (Canada) or 214-692-2500 (United States) for a Marketing Representative near you.