Mentor Bonus

Every time you personally sponsor a new Qualified Marketing Representative (QMR), you'll earn Immediate Mentor Bonuses. When they earn their first $100 Momentum Bonus by Certifying and enrolling two (2) customer points within their first 30 days, you'll earn a Mentor Bonus. There's no limit to the number of people you can sponsor or the amount of Mentor Bonuses you can earn.

As you promote-up through Momentis' Leadership Levels, your Mentor Bonuses grow more lucrative.

Leadership LevelMentor Bonus*
Marketing Representative$100
Senior Director$150
Regional Director$250
National Director$300
International Director$325
(*) Mentor Bonuses are paid weekly on QMRs that you personally sponsor who earn a $100 Momentum Bonus within their first 30 days. You must be a Qualified Marketing Representative (QMR)* in order to receive a Mentor Bonus.