MyLeadership Bonus

To grow your income significantly, you'll want to build and develop a team of Qualified Marketing Representatives who enroll customers and who then in turn build teams of Representatives who enroll customers. MyLeadership Bonuses are designed to reward you for helping people get started in this process.

First you get Mentor Bonuses for Qualified Marketing Representatives (QMRs) you PERSONALLY sponsor.

Next, when you promote to Senior Director or above, you are paid MyLeadership Bonuses for any Qualified Marketing Representative (QMR) that joins your organization that is NOT personally sponsored by you. Your MyLeadership Bonuses go down through infinite levels when you meet the promotion requirements and reach the appropriate leadership positions. Momentis has four leadership positions, and each time you promote to one of these positions, you will earn more and more bonus income. At each leadership position, you can begin to build a new leadership organization, which can qualify you for new MyLeadership Bonuses.