New Products & Services

Your Earning Opportunity Expands!

All I can say is WOW! The Momentis International Event was incredible. Never in my professional career have I been so excited about the expansion of our Momentis Opportunity. Momentis didn’t just open a HUGE door of opportunity for our Independent Representatives, we KICKED THE DOOR DOWN!

A Historic Day

When we launched last year, we promised many things, and we delivered. This makes Momentis THE leading North American energy network marketing company with the MOST jurisdictions in the industry today.

Introducing Commercial Energy Services

  • Commercial energy services in Ontario
  • Available to all representatives of all levels

New Momentis Products and Services

First: Introducing Momentis 4G

  • CLEAR wireless internet service
  • In just the next 2 months alone, there will be over 120 million potential customers

Second: Introducing Momentis TV

  • DirecTV Satellite service
  • 100% of US households are your potential customers!

Great New Marketing Tools

There are several great new tools - including a fresh new Business Presentation, as well as opportunity and customer gathering fliers - available to help you build your team and enroll new customers. Just look in your M-Center under "Tools."