Commercial Energy

The commercial energy products that Momentis represents across North America are supplied through Just Energy. Established in 1997, Just Energy has been providing long-term energy supply options to about 1.4 million residential and commercial customers in North American homes and businesses creating stability, peace of mind and value.

Protect Your Business from the Volatile Energy Markets

As energy demands fluctuate, so do energy bills. It’s simple economics – as demand for energy increases, prices rise. As demand drops, so do prices. Throw in supply interruptions, major weather events and the shift toward new energy technology, and you’ve got a volatile market. And that volatility impacts you – the consumer. When you lock in your rate with a Price Protection program from Just Energy, your rate remains stable even while market prices fluctuate. Or choose a Rate Flex Plan. You decide what plan is best for your business.

No Service Interruption

When you enroll in a Just Energy program, your current utility will continue servicing your account for delivery and maintenance, which means no service interruptions to your business. The only difference is your supplier – which you’ll see listed on your bill. Staying with the same provider makes switching your business over to Just Energy quick and seamless – and that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Customer Choice in Deregulated Jurisdictions

Just Energy supplies natural gas in many of its deregulated territories. Call us to find out more.