Energy Management Systems – Commercial

The EnergyMizer® is an advanced power reduction system that will save commercial customers 10% to 20% on electricity bills each and every month. Since 2007, the EnergyMizer® has been installed in a variety of business clients resulting in hundreds of satisfied users. The flagship 8% money-back savings guarantee and value proposition have made EMS proven leaders in the field.

The 5 Key Functions of The EnergyMizer®

  1. Magnetic phase balancing of voltage to reduce demand, noise and waste in loads.
  2. Harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed Kilowatt Hour demand.
  3. Transient voltage conversion by capturing surges and redistributing as usable power.
  4. Resonance-free power factor correction to reduce reactive non-power demands.
  5. Reduced load currents resulting in reduced peak power demand subsequent charges.

How Does it Work?

The EnergyMizer® uses a state of the art technology to actively monitor and improve the power usage in your business. The energy reduction system corrects spikes in the electricity you pay for and creates a uniform leveled power draw, thereby avoiding the constant surges that occur when your equipment is powered on. In simple words, electricity is stored, flattened and released as needed.