Control your Energy Bills

Take Control of Your Energy Bill

Your Momentis Independent Representative can offer you Just Energy products that give you a choice and flexibility for your electricity and natural gas supply. Protect your energy rates today and discover the satisfaction so many other Just Energy customers enjoy from our range of energy products and choices.

Why Choose Just Energy?

For decades, consumers could purchase natural gas and electricity from only their local utility companies. But in the late 1980's, the energy industry began shifting toward deregulation, opening the market to independent suppliers of electricity and natural gas.

Deregulation encourages competition, which, in turn, presents consumers with new opportunities for quality and pricing. New products have emerged and, for the first time, consumers have gained control over their energy rates – all because energy retailers compete for customers like you. Competition-driven value is something we provide.

A competitive market allows Just Energy to offer you these benefits:

  • New product availability, including price protection options
  • The peace of mind of knowing that your supply price will never increase for the duration of your chosen term
  • The ability to budget your energy costs more effectively through a fixed supply price
  • Control over your energy supplier and rate
  • Competition-driven value
  • Seamless service from your local utility
  • JustGreen Gas, JustGreen Power and JustClean to offset your carbon footprint

Just Energy puts you in control of your energy supply. Set your price, choose the Green Energy Option, if you want, and register. It's that easy. Stop worrying about unpredictable energy rates and call a Momentis Independent Representative to enroll today!