Accounting program – What is it and how does it work?

An accounting program is able to record all income and expenses. In addition, it can create the sales tax return and an income surplus calculation


An accounting program is indispensable in small and large companies. Sole proprietors and freelancers must also determine their profit as part of an income surplus calculation. The software takes over various evaluations and creates reports for the authorities and the tax office. It is characterized by clear operation and numerous functions.

Basic tasks of an accounting program

All income and expenses are recorded in an accounting program. It is built in such a way that the functions are suitable for all industries. Freelancers and sole proprietors can use the accounting software to create an income surplus calculation. If there is an obligation to pay sales tax, this is recorded by the program. The software creates a sales tax return, which is sent electronically to the tax office.

Larger and high-revenue companies use the accounting program for accounting. Income and expenses can be recorded in great detail. The program manages the payment of wages as well as the movement of goods. The inventory can be called as well as the daily updated liquidity. In addition, the accounting software supports automatic dunning and invoicing. Invoices to the company can also be managed and filed. Asset accounting is integrated for companies that make investments. Inventories and asset schedules can be created.

The digital capture and backup of receipts can also be done in the accounting software. All data recorded in the accounting program can be transmitted to the tax consultant and the tax office. In addition, it is possible to create individual reports and evaluations.

An accounting program as an intelligent assistance system

Various assistance systems make it easier to get an overview and enter the items. The accounting software can be connected directly to online banking. The assistance systems remind you of appointments and the booking of recurring items. After activating the assistant, beginners are guided through the program and thus get to know all the important functions. Familiarization with the accounting software is significantly extended by the assistants.