A help desk software that creates more customer experiences for your business

Boost customer retention, strengthen brand loyalty, and maximize customer service productivity with help desk software.


More than three-quarters (77%) of customers say they are more loyal to businesses that offer top-notch service

Add the fact that in 2021, customer service tickets were up 30% year-over-year, and it’s clear: excellent customer service is a critical component of business success.

This helps explain why seamless, omnichannel help desk software is now the standard. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the right solution for your business. Especially if the software for your help desk also has to support the IT or HR service. H H. for internal employees.

To help you identify and choose the best system, we’ll start by explaining the basics of help desk software: what it is, the different types, and what benefits it has for your team. Below, we’ll go over 10 of the top help desk tools. To finish, we will explain how to think to make the decision of the ideal software for your organization.

What is help desk software?

Help desk software is a software product that IT and customer service teams use to serve employees or customers. Its main functions include, among others, helping service teams to systematically manage support requests, offer self-service options, track and report on performance.

When used by an IT team, the goals and processes of a help desk are defined according to government and corporate best practices, such as ITIL (ITIL). According to Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk, the goal within ITIL when it comes to incidents is “to restore normal service operation as soon as possible while minimizing the adverse effect on business operations.”

Simply put, help desk support software is designed to give you the tools to make your customers feel heard. Here is a basic summary of how it works:

  • Customers contact the business via email, phone, text, web, chat, and social media with questions and issues
  • The system generates a ticket for each problem and automatically associates it with the customer’s history if applicable
  • Tickets can be assigned manually or automatically based on business rules
  • As agents work on tickets, they can easily collaborate with other team members to get help
  • When the agent resolves the issue, they let the customer know through their preferred communication channel
  • Administrators can create workflows and assign different levels of responsibility to agents
  • With analytics, you can track customer satisfaction scores, internal KPIs, and more.

Why use help desk software?

The main reason to use a help desk software solution is that it allows you to adapt to different ways of responding to customer needs. Communication methods are continually changing and being updated; there is no way to know which channel your customer base is going to start using next. Help desk software allows your buyers to find support options when they need assistance, regardless of their favorite platforms.

On the other hand, it is an essential tool to get the most out of your support human resources. Using a help desk system can significantly reduce phone calls and free up your agents to spend more time resolving more complex issues. By being able to focus their energy on the most important issues, your customer service team will be able to handle tickets more easily and competently, helping to increase customer loyalty and streamline all operations.